About Dairy Consultancies Pty Ltd and the Directors

Jim and Glennis Norcott  formed the company in November 1996 to provide farmers with a fair deal in herd recording services and ancillary goods and services.  

The Company owns and operates AUSTRALIAN Herd Recording Services (AHRServices) and is part owner of the AUSHerd recording software and the PCFarm herd management software.

Jim spent 30 years prior to forming AHRS with the Queensland DPI  Dairy Herd
Improvement programs gaining extensive knowledge in long distance milk
sample transport having pioneered the introduction of this in 1975.

The model is unique, cost effective and efficient resulting in AHRS being able to provide a most economical service to farmers anywhere in Australia.  

A complete suite of recording services including Farmer Sampling, Farmer Recording  and Herd Recorder Service data collection syatems are available throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales & Western Australia.  

Tru Test or Waikato  meters are available for hire.

Protein, Fat and Cell Count tests are provided with individual cow production recording. 

Pregnancy testing on the same samples is also available.

Services are tailored to suit farmer's needs, with either one or two milkings recorded and /or sampled at varying frequencies ranging from monthly to six weekly to every second month. 

National Operation

Samples can be consigned from all towns in all dairying areas throughout Australia. Air freight in insulated overnight bags enables samples to be tested at the Dairy Technical Services Laboratory in Melbourne the day after recording from virtually anywhere in Australia. 

It is the longest milk run in the world and provides samples of the highest quality.

Results are back on farm through email the day after or plus postage time in the mail enabling farm managers to make strategic management decisions on a timely basis.

This model has provided tremendous financial benefits to dairy producers as it enables them to benefit from the economies of scale of  the larger laboratory and improved timeliness from modern communication technology.   

Data is supplied regularly to the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS) for calculation of bull and cow Australian Breeding Values (ABV's) so members are eligible to participate in Progeny Testing schemes.

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