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(yellow, white, orange, red, purple, pink, green, blue & black.
no LazaFX printing available on blacktags
Restrictions in printing apply to LazaFX marking. Laza FX is a standard extra 0.25c all available sizing) Reverse side printing will attract same price breaks. No Laza FX available reverse side printing.

Male Self Piercing BLANK NUMBERED
Button 0.53c 0.61c
Mini 0.60c 0.68c
Small 0.62c 0.75c
Medium 0.62c 0.75c
Large 0.73c 0.86c
Maxi 0.94c $1.12c
Button 0.50c 0.60c
Mini 0.57c 0.65c
Small 0.60c 0.74c
Medium 0.60c 0.74c
Large 0.71c 0.84c
Maxi 0.92c 1.10c
Super Maxi $1.17 $1.34
NOTE: For tags with special marking outside a straight number, net pricing on the marking component
Code Description Blank Stamped
1 Side
Stamped 2 Side  Colour
15 Flexitag 0.23c 0.34c 0.37c Black,Yellow, White, 
Orange, Red, 
Purple, Pink, 
Green, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Dark Blue
19 Flock Tag 0.23c 0.34c 0.37c Black, Yellow, White, 
Orange, Red, 
Purple, Pink, 
Green, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Dark Blue
20 Brass Security Tag 0.69c 0.69c 0.69c Brass
21 Nikel Plated Brass Security Tag 0.93c 0.93c 0.93c  
21 Racemaster Tag 20c 28c 32c Yellow, White, 
Orange, Blue, 
Green, Red, Purple, Blank
22 Ankle Strap $3.00 $3.60 N/A Yellow, white, 
Red, Blue
26 Leg Bands PKT 20 $45
per pack
2.50 each N/A Orange,Yellow
Green, Pink, Red, 
NOTE: NET $6.00 Charge per set-up
29 Flock Tag Applicator $  87.86
30 Flexitagger (Manual) $  37.55
31 Fleximatic $ 224.54
60 Universal Lazza Tagger $  43.43
82 Universal Laza Tagger Spare Pin $    3.09
85 Lazzamatic Applicator $ 100.53
51 Brass Security Tag Applicator $  64.17
52 Tag Pen (Black Broad & Fine Tip) $   9.58
53 Tag Pen (white) $ 13.39
86 Tag Removal Knife $   9.58
87 black Jaw Insert to suit Universal & IdentiPlier App $   3.64
Electronic Identification Price List Click Here

Custom Printing By Quote

Ankle Strap - $2.32 blank, $2.90 numbered
(yellow, white, orange, blue, green, red)

Velcrose leg bands - $2.15 or $37.40 per pack of 20
(orange, yellow, green, pink, red, blue)

Laza Tagger - $36.00
Tag Pen -         $7.90

                                (Please add 10%  for GST)

To Order please FREE phone or fax your order to one of our friendly consultants today on
                          Phone: 1800 149 676
                          fax:       1800 623 631

           Free delivery by post for orders over $100 from one supplier.
Electronic Identification Price List Click Here
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