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AUSTRALIAN Herd Recording Service

Quality Herd Recording and Testing Services.
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Capture & Seamless data  transfers

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Simpler and Easier recording systems

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 Frequently Asked Questions
If your question is not answered here (please check carefully) we will be happy to help  on 1800 149 676.

Q) I receive a message which reads demo has expired please   contact your PCfarm dealer?

A) To correct this error, the date settings in Windows needs to be changed.
      a) Click on Start, Settings and Control Panel.

b) Go to Regional Settings icon (Globe) and double click to open, Select  Date and check the short date style is dd/mm/yyyy. If it isn't please change to this format.

c) Click the Apply button and exit control panel.
d) Re start your computer and check the settings are still as you left them
e) Reinstall the demo trial version from the PCFarm website.

Q. PC Farm fails to load?
A. Ensure SHARE.EXE is loaded in the Autoexec.bat.
       (eg.c:\dos\share.exe /F:5100 /L:500)

Q. Reserved error appears when loading PCFarm.
A. Restart the computer and try again.

Q. Mating Event does not calculate,  Anticipated Calving Date for cows.

A. Enter the cows Date of Birth in the date joined herd box and re-enter the mating date/ OR
Click on input, Event description, select Mating Artificial Insemination, Edit and check in Anticipated Calving Date box is showing calculate from event date. Same for Mating, natural and Mating embryo transfer. Also, check in Pregnancy in calf and ensure Anticipated Calving Dates is box empty.

Q When recording calving events, bull calves that are sold or died are created as animals in the  Paddock Bulls Group.

A. When a status is associated with a calf  fate a animal is created with that status. To prevent animals from being created when calves have a fate of sold or died, click on Input,  Calf Fate, Edit, in the sold and died  fates boxes and click OK.

Q. PCFarm fails to load and displays the following error message "Couldn't find all components for PCFarm for Windows"

A. Copy the file setup.dat from the first of your install disks  to your Pcfwin directory and rename the file pcfwin.dat this is done through Windows Explorer using Drag and Drop.

Q. PCFarm generates an error message when I start to perform a backup?

A. Exit PCFarm and then re-enter the program and perform the backup. If this still does not work check that you have only one PCFarm program running at the toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

Q. My connection to the internet is disconnecting and interrupting the download.

A.   download a free version of Stay Live 2000  (requirements winzip).  or for more information go to Windows 95/98 keep alive tools 

If you question is not answered here please do not hesitate to call for assistance at the  PCFarm support desk  1800 149 676

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