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AUSTRALIAN Herd Recording Service

Quality Herd Recording and Testing Services.
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Electronic Data
Capture & Seamless data  transfers

Electronic Cow ID

Simpler and Easier
Recording Systems

which process data through PCFarm 
& onforwards data
electronically to data processing centre.

Animal Identification

Electronic Data Capture with Seamless Data Communications

Electronic Data Capture is now a reality for farmers.

We can supply hand held computers for use in paddock or dairy to record matings, treatments, calvings etc and download later into PCFarm and herd recording service.

Electronic ID can be integrated with the hand held computer for identification in the dairy and crush they use NLIS approved RFID ear tags or rumen bolus.

A fully integrated Dairy Farm Data Capture system eliminating hand writing and conventional keying in of data, with seamless data transfer from hand held computer to your PC and on to herd recording service and return.

Comprises ELECTRONIC ID SYSTEM including readers, scanners, hand held computer with software installed, a raceways supplied and PCFARM HERD MANAGEMENT PROGRAM installed on your PC with your herd recording and reproductive data with an on - farm training course which will enable you to:

Identify cows electronically as they walk into the dairy using NLIS approved RFID ear tags.

Display events such as dates of calving, matings, treatments, pregnancy status, due dates of drying off and calving, cell counts, herd recording figures on the hand held computer and many more value added features.

"It even graphs the cell count tests for the lactation and warns if a cow has been treated and should not be milked into the vat!"

Record anything
about a cow anywhere, anytime easily using the touch screen. 

"you can input pregnancy results as the vet tests the cows or do herd recording without pen or paper"

Download data
into PCFarm easily and simply on your PC.

Use PCFarm as your key herd management tool to produce reports and monitor cows' production, cell counts and herd health. It also assists with QA.

Extract data from PCFarm and email to the herd recording service. Receive herd recording figures by email and download into PCFarm and then onto the hand held to have information at your fingertips anywhere.

AHRS are introducing the Electronic Data Capture System with a special low cost introductory offer.

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