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Cow Diagnostic Service

AUSTRALIAN Herd Recording Services
AUSTRALIAN Herd Recording Service

Quality Herd Recording and Testing Services.
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Deal for Western
Australian Farmers.

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Electronic data Capture on farm.
Seamless data flows.

Electronic Cow ID

Simpler and Easier
Recording Systems

which process data through PCFarm 
& onforwards data
electronically to data processing centre.

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National Operation/ Local Service

We are continually improving our service to benefit farmers. 
We provide competitively priced herd recording services and on farm products to dairy farmers throughout Australia.

Services are tailored to suit farmers needs using the most affordable technology. All recording and sampling service available. 

Customers are guaranteed friendly service with on farm assistance when necessary.

Farmer Independence and Timely Management Decisions

Modern efficient sample transport system cuts out double handling and the need for storage of samples in refrigerators at local depots.  

This has important cost and quality considerations. Equally important is the concept of farmer independence whereby individuals can dispatch samples to lab at their own pace. Reports are back on farm the next day via email or plus postage time in the mail. Fast turnaround enables Farm management decisions on timely basis.

On farm electronic data capture simplifies the process of recording and seamless data communication systems ensure data is entered once only.

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It's so easy to become a member of AHRS. We  provide  FREE complete electronic transfer of data from other services.

To learn more about the benefits of membership and to join AHRS  

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