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A Vital Tool for Dairy Farmers

PC Farm is a powerful but user friendly Herd Management Software package which runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP and NT.

PCFarm is designed for use by pro-active managers of cattle, sheep and goat enterprises, both dairy and beef. As a stand alone system it provides comprehensive herd management information reports for beef herds and dairy herds not using a production recording service but is able to be used in conjunction with all major dairy herd production recording services which provide data either on disk or through the Internet or as an attachment to an email. 

Of more importance is the fact that PC Farm imports data in ADHIS approved standard Data Interchange Format (DIF) which is used by all major recording services.

Once you have purchased PC Farm you are not committed to purchase upgrades although these will  be available as we further improve the package. Any modifications needed to suit changes in the ADHIS download formats are provided free of charge on www.pcfarm.net  Dealers will also supply these on disk for a nominal fee.

After purchasing PC Farm full training is provided and 60 days post purchase support available through our toll free number  1800 149 676. After this time further help can be provided by arrangement with your supplier or at our economical charge out rates.   

You are welcome to trial the package with our 60 day demo disks and tutorial. Click here for free [Downloads].

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